CIGC Abidjan

The Conférence Internationale sur la Gouvernance et la Communication (CIGC) will focus on communication as a tool for building trust between youth and leaders in the modern world.   It will offer participants explore valuable networking opportunities, gain strategic insights from leading experts, and exchange transformative ideas.

You are invited to be part of the CIGC 2023 flagship event, in Abidjan on:

Friday, 10 November 2023


As the world increasingly embraces the digital revolution, African governments are striving harder than ever to remain trusted sources of information. Over the past decade, changes in public sector operations and the increased use of digital platforms by citizens have led to a rise in communication requirements.

Leaders in the public sector are now on a mission to replace conventional methods with an inclusive approach to communication to foster meaningful conversations within societies. To achieve this, they must be innovative in Introduction establishing effective communication strategies to keep citizens, stakeholders and the media informed and to become trusted sources of information.

Building trust between Youth and Government

The CIGC event is the continent’s foremost communications conference which brings together policymakers, government officials, industry experts and communications practitioners to discuss key topics and issues relevant in Africa’s modern public sector.

CIGC is committed to redefining Africa’s public communications by exploring innovative digital trends, discussing best practices around public policies and offering educative workshops to enable digital transformation in the public sector.